I got an idea on day to hook up a Dance Dance Revoluions pad to my computer, so I could play some of the puzzle games on Puzzle Pirates. Well after a little messing around, and some soldering I got it to work, and here it is!

I had heard of people playing Dance Dance Revolution as a way to lose weight. I figured I could do the same with bilge, sailing, and swordfighting.

I found a program for Linux that will re-map a joystick to X Key press events. I downloaded it, compiled it, and low and behold, I can send keypress events to YPP!
Link to Joy2key software.

Then the fun began.

I started with my Gravis Gamepad
Gravis Gamepad

I then proceeded to Map out the traces, and figure out what buttons went to what pins on the IC.

After a little software hacking to dump out the joystick events, and some playing around, I figured out the signaling method of the gamepad.

Next I soldered wires to the 10 buttons I was going to use to control the game.
Wires soldered to the IC

I then took a DDR mat and made a new PCB to connect to the tracings for the buttons, Here's the the non-etched PCB
Non-Etched PCB

While it was etching, I sorted out the wires, and figured out which button went to what.
Sorted Wires

After the PCB was done, I soldered Diodes in, to keep multiple button presses from false triggering stuff.
PCB and Diodes

Now, I put it all back in the casing, except for the Joystick board, it stayed out for now
All back in the mat

And here's Duguro taking it for a spin, playing the swordfight puzzle.
Duguro Swordfighting

Now, Here's what I would do differently for the next one (Cause this is just a prototype):
1. Order a DDR Pad for Playstation 2.
2. Order a Playstation 2 to USB adapter.
3. Use the same software.

Yes, All that work, and I could have bought a $11 part to do it all. But at least I had fun making it!

If someone knows a program for windows to send keyboard events from joystick events, let me know and I'll post it up here too.

Originally posted - Sept 15 2004