My friend Ryan told me about a robot project that him an some others are working on, and demoed at Penguicon. This is called ORPP, it's the Open Robotics Peripheral Platform. Basically, it's going to be a generic control and inteface mechanism for robots. You can take a look at the ORPP Homepage.

So right now the only control GUI they have is a mfc-based one for windows only. I noticed they wanted to make a java gui, and said I'd take care of it. Well last night I committed the first block of code to the CVS repositiory. Right now it's just a set of classes that can be used to send events to the robot, but it's going to pretty much be the basis for any further control application.

Here's screenshot of the GUI as it exists right now:

You can click and drag on the top panel to tilt and pan the camera, or you can use the sliders. You can't control the motion servos of the robot yet, that's next.