So, it's been a while since I posted something here, I've been busy getting a project at work done, and installed in production. All in all, the project went well. I had many a bugs to fix once it got put into production, and a few still to fix. But after a few initial problems with one application loading down the terminal servers, all seems to be working well.

I havn't spent much time lately working on my side projects. Once I get done with a few other things, I plan on working on the Java ORPP client some more. But first up is a rebuild of my paintball shot counter. I also bought a Mill (It's really nice) Here's the specs. It won't do everything I need, but until I buy a house, and have a garage to put it in, I'm not going to get anything larger. I should be able to use the Mill to fabricate better and lighter brackets, and other such parts for my projects. A lathe would be another nice tool to buy, but I'm putting the same condition on that as a larger mill.

Also, recently I came into posession of a Sparcstation 5, with keyboard, mouse, and monitor. I'm going to install linux on it, and play with it a bit. It will probably end up being an X terminal, hooking up to my mechanism(my Mandriva box).

That's really about it.