So in the past few weeks I've been playing paintball on the weekends. I played in the Monster Game, and the next weekend I used up a lot of my left over paint at RJ Performance Paintball. I still have about 1000 rounds of paint left over from the monster game, and then another 1000 from some crap paint I bought to test in the yard. So we'll probably be playing at RJ's again this weekend.

So you're probably wondering how the monster game was. Well read on, and you'll find out.

Monster Game: So the Monster game is a war-scenario style of paintball held in pinckney each year. There are two teams, Red and Yellow at war with each other. We were on yellow this year. We spent a good amount of time waiting in line, or walking back and forth to the car. I think I did more walking than shooting... The main problem was that the yellow team outnumbered the red team, so it was hard to find someone to shoot at, that a big group of other people weren't already shooting at.

All in all, I'm sure we'll be playing again next year, but we'll probably switch to the red team. Even if we lose, it will still make for a much more fun time, since we'll actually get to shoot at someone, rather than look at them all walk off the field.

RJ's: It seems to always be a good time when we go to RJ Performance Paintball in Davison. The first time we went there I think we went through three cases of paint (2000 rounds/case) This time we use the left overs from the Monster game, and I think we went through a single case (and we were trying to shoot a lot of paint). Sadly they had the 10 man team air-sup field out of comission that day, so we used the 5 man team one. We also played in the woods a few times, both speedball, and a game of capture the president. The speedball was pretty good in the woods, the solid barriers, and larger play area was nice.

During the game of Capture the president, Dean and I were guarding the forest entry point, I hid behind a stump, and Dean took a position about 20 feet away. The idea was to hopefully give one of us a good shot on someone, since we have two angles of attack. It worked pretty good, I think we got one or two guys out, but we also had 2 more pinned down pretty much the entire game.

Well that's about it for now.