In my search for a Christmas present for Michelle, I decided to make a talking stuffed animal. But not just any stuffed animal, I decided to mod "David Bowie" The cheap red stuffed teddy bear I won in a claw game machine in Florida. Read on for the details of this project.

First of all, you're probably wondering why we call him "David Bowie" Well, Remember watching Labyrinth? Well, his rather large...package... made us think of him in that movie. Hence the name.

I started off with a 20 second audio recorder board that you can buy at Radio Shack, and recorded a silly song that I found on the Webternet. Then I removed the record button, why would I want to ever change the message later?) I put this in a small project box, also from the shack. And used the record button as a pushbutton sensor to be placed in the bear's hand.

Now, keep in mind that "David Bowie" is a cheap teddy bear, under his green Christmas sweater was just some cheap white fabric. It was poorly sewn, and already falling apart. After trying to re-stitch it for a few hours, I gave up and decided to pick up some red fabric from the craft store. Yes, I went to the craft store. I completely removed the white fabric from the bear, and used it as a pattern for the new fabric. Then after re-attaching the arms, I had the chest area ready to be re-attached, complete with arms.

Now, since I was making him into a talking teddy bear, I needed some way to replace the batteries. I decided to sew a pocket in his back where a battery can be placed, the sweater will keep it hidden, and the padding will keep the battery in place. This will allow us to swap out the battery at a later date without having to take him completely apart.

To keep the voice box in place behind his mouth, I drilled 4 holes in the back cover of the voice box. This allowed me to use some thread to anchor it to the head. Hopefully this will keep it in place, in addition to the stuffing. I re-stuffed the bear, and sewed up his chest, putting him bac together once again. After putting his "Beary Christmas" sweater back on him, I hooked the battery up, and he was ready.

What we have is one complete talking stuffed teddy bear.

Images of the bear