So, Michelle and I have decided to try a new system for losing weight. It's a magical system, and I've been reliably losing weight for the last 5 days (we started last Saturday) Previously, I was only able to keep a downward trend for about 3 days.

What is this magical weight loss program? Do I have to take pills? Will I be hungry all the time? Does it involve the sacrifice of chickens? No my friend, it's quite simple. Click Read More, and you will see the simplicity of this system.

Necessary tools:

  • Normal Daily eating schedule
  • Scale
  • Kitchen Scale
  • Calculator

Now, how does this all work. It's quite simple using a new fangled system called "Counting Calories". But there's a twist! You see, you'd think it's as simple as (Calories needed - Calories in = Calories Lost) But it's not! You see, if you eat too few calories, your body switches into a different mode "Starvation" and does a magical thing. It stops burning fat, thinking that it will need to keep it for the coming shortage of food.

So, to do this correctly, you need to know how many calories you need to eat to maintain your current weight and activity style. Using a Calorie Burn tool, you can figure out this amount. Once you have that number, you can then calculate the number of calories to eat per day so you can safely lose 1lb/week.

For example: I need 2600 calories/day to function optimally. With 3500 calories in 1lb of fat, if I eat 2100 calories per day, then I'll lose 1lb a week! You don't want to go too low, or else your body hits starvation mode, and life sucks.

So, how much food did I have to stop eating in order to hit this number? None, I had to start eating MORE! I would skip breakfast, eat something small for lunch, then have dinner (which also wasn't big...) It turned out on a daily basis I was eating 1400 to 1700 calories. And then on a few random days eating 2500-3000 calories. Which is why my weight fluctuated so much. By eating the correct number of calories per day (some days are 2300, some days are 2000, it's good thing)

Now, how hard is counting calories? Not too bad if you have a kitchen scale, and don't mind some math. The hardest part is when you make recipes, because you have to weigh everything going in, and weigh what you eat to tell what you are doing. Most things you eat can just be weighed, and multiplied by the number on the side of the box.

Weigh your self at the same time each day, and wearing similar clothes (since your clothes can be quite a few pounds) and log your weight. Also, keep a log of your calories. You'll be able to quickly fine tune how many calories you're eating to lose 1lb/week. Calorie Count has some good tools to help you along the way, and I suggest checking out a lot of the pages on there, as it's the primary source for most of the information I've given you today. And, as always, do your own research, learn the plan before starting it, going based on hear-say for dieting is a sure plan for failure.