So, you're wonding about hu? Well it all started a while back when I decided I wanted to get my webserver server off of my cable modem connection. While I was at it, I wanted to setup a personalemail domain too. So I started searching around for a website name that wasn't already taken, which can be rather hard at times.

I started doing some google queries, and searching and couldn't find a name I liked that wasn't already taken in any of the three major forms (.com,.net,.org). So I started perusing the Linux kernel source code, and somewhere in some boot loader assembly code I saw the words "Boot Segment" I liked it, and was born.

I started looking around for webhosting, and saw Virtual Private server hosting. I can setup whatever apps I want on a virtual linux server running under UML (User Mode Linux). I have complete root access on my server, and can install whatever I want. I'm currently hosted through Rimuhosting, and it's pretty nice.

So anyway, here it is. Not much else to say. Feel free to peruse around and see if there are any project or programs that look cool to you.

-- Eric

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