Palmer Fatty stabalizer for Dean's Evil OmenPosted by:Eric KerinAugust 12, 2005, 7:04 pm

Dean was having problems with the velocity of his new marker when using CO2. So he picked up a Palmer stabalizer for his Omen. We took some baseline numbers with the original Detonator reg, using a remote. We're hooking up the new reg now, and we're going to take two sets of numbers once it's running. First we'll get the base numbers with the non-broken in reg. Then, once it's broken in, we'll get a 2nd set of numbers.

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Recent paintball eventsPosted by:Eric KerinAugust 3, 2005, 6:56 pm

So in the past few weeks I've been playing paintball on the weekends. I played in the Monster Game, and the next weekend I used up a lot of my left over paint at RJ Performance Paintball. I still have about 1000 rounds of paint left over from the monster game, and then another 1000 from some crap paint I bought to test in the yard. So we'll probably be playing at RJ's again this weekend.

So you're probably wondering how the monster game was. Well read on, and you'll find out.
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